What is the age of the crown if cared properly?

What is the age of the crown if cared for properly?

Crowning is the procedure in which the damaged tooth is repaired by placing the cover or the cap. Therefore, it is known as a dental crown.  It is basically the protective layer to restore the appearance as well as the function of the teeth. Thus, after the crown’s insertion, one can enjoy eating and drinking just like with a healthy tooth.

But you may be thinking of either a crown as a permanent solution or not? Once you get the crown on your tooth, it remains for a lifetime? Then the answer is no. the crown may last for 7 to 10 years, but it all depends on the care you do for your artificial tooth. If you offer excellent oral health, the crown will definitely last for long life, but unfortunately, if you do not care, you may have to lose the crown in one to two years. There are some reasons due to which you need to replace or install a new crown.

Poor Oral Health

One of the primary reasons for the damaging of the crown is poor oral health. It is obvious we don’t care about our oral health. Our teeth start decaying. It is all because carelessness causes the tooth to become home to bacteria and other germs. The debris causes crown decay. It is essential to change lifestyle and eating habits. Thus in this way, you can save your crown. Moreover, brushing your teeth regularly, rinsing your mouth after having fruits and meals, and using mouth wash will prolong the crown’s life.

Taking medications

One other reason due to which the person may suffer from the decay of the Dental Crowns is the intake of medications. Certain antibiotics like tetracycline cause damage to the tooth. Moreover, abrupt use of alcohol also causes damage to the tooth.

Poor lifestyle

Smoking and intake of drugs are the major cause of tooth decay. These not only cause tooth discoloration but also cause damage to the upper part of the teeth.

These are few reasons due to which the crown gets damage. You need to replace it with the artificial one. The doctor prescribes porcelain-type crowns that are long-lasting. These look just like the original tooth crown, and after installation, one does not feel any difference,

Life Of Dental Crown

if you want to know that how long does crown lasts and what factors prolong the life of the crown, then you should know various factors if you want to avail benefits for a long time, then it’s important to have good oral hygiene and modify your eating habits. In order to improve the life of your artificial tooth, you should avoid following habits.

Do not grind your teeth, as the grinding habit may pierce your teeth, and the crown may get damaged.

Clenching is another factor that destroys the crown. If you press your teeth tightly, then it may cause cracks in the crown. This results in the breakage of the crown.

Some people love to eat ice. But this is not a good thing as the ice also weakens your tooth and results in damage to the crown.

Dental crowns do not need any medication to keep them safe and strong rather its need good oral hygiene. So, if you crowned your teeth, it does not mean you can continue eating chocolates and icecreams rather, you have to be more conscious as the artificial crown is prone to decay. Thus if you want to improve the crown’s life, you should brush your teeth twice a day, use dental floss to clean the tooth, and rinse your mouth with good antibacterial mouth wash.

Crown life of different tooth type

When you get the crowing of your teeth, you have to be conscious, and you have to show care. Moreover, care is also required depending on the type of tooth. For example, if you need a crown for molars, your care gives them a long life. It means the crown will stay in the position for your whole life. You just need some exceptional care. For example, avoid biting walnuts and cutting almonds from the teeth.

Moreover, front teeth may last for five to fifteen years again, depending on the care you offer to your tooth. If you want to keep it for a lifetime, then do care and brush regularly.

Final verdicts

Having crowing of the tooth gives your oral cavity new life as you can chew, bite and eat everything again. But it does not mean you become carefree. Rather you have to care for your teeth just like babies. So if you want to enjoy eating with artificial teeth for a lifetime, then follow the advice of your dentist. Do brush regularly and maintain oral hygiene. Lastly, avoid smoking, taking alcohol, or extra medications.



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